The project is interested in sound and music made by women in this vein of sonic expression – experimental, ambient, soundscape, noise, digital manifestations. Fortunately in the last decade or so there has been excellent academic investigations into women in electronic and experimental music, sound art and noise. However, regions such as the Middle East, South America and South Asia (for example) have not featured much in this academic and networking landscape.*

This gap has led to the ‘Heya’ research project (lead by Jilliene Sellner as part of her PhD supervised by Thor Magnusson and Mimi Haddon at the University of Sussex), through conversations, collaborative sound practices,  and intersectional feminist approaches to musicology.

* In addition to researchers such as Tara Rodgers, Georgina Born, Cathy Lane, Marie Thompson and others who’ve laid the ground work for investigating women in sound, I’m indebted to Cedrik Fermont for his unwavering devotion to the topic of experimental music outside of Europe/N.America and invaluable help connecting with artists in the M.E. region and inspiration from his book co-authored with Dimitri della Faille, Not Your World Music: Noise in South East Asia.